Quick update today.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Woodhaven -- and we took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a day in the park.  On the way home, driving along Park Lane South, we passed by a garage sale on 87th Street.  We've seen this garage sale in our travels many times before -- but had never stopped until today.  And we were real glad we did!

The garage sale is the hobby of Woodhaven resident Benny -- a Vietnam Vet and former sanitation man.  He explained to us that over the years he literally "crushed treasures" in the back of his garbage truck -- and quite often wished he could bring some of the stuff home.  Now he has a garage and he uses it to sell off some of the things he's collected over the years.  

However, he's not in it to make money -- instead, he enjoys hanging out in his garage, listening to some good music (pumping out of a pair of old large speakers) and chatting with whoever comes by.  Old televisions, computer equipment, vinyl records -- Benny's got a nice collection of stuff to browse through.  So if you're passing by 87th and Park Lane South, pull over and take a look.   

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