The Sitter Wrapping Up 

Though they may have a few shots left to complete, it appears that the primary filming of scenes in Forest Park have finished.  Whereas parking was not permitted near the park between Myrtle Avenue and Park Lane South, the cones have been lifted and the trucks have driven off.  We first reported this story 2 weeks ago as a small crew was preparing the Forest Park Carousel for the shoot.  The New York Daily News was all over the story and broke the revelation that 20th Century Fox "had made a "substantial" donation to Forest Park."    

This update will present a few pictures of the park as it appeared on the Sunday morning after primary shooting appears to have wrapped.  It will also have all of the great videos taken by Bobby The Flash Gennaro.

Although all the trucks on the boulevard are gone, there is still a lot of equipment left behind -- and a number of trucks in the parking lot.  There were a few of these large lighting trucks scattered about.    

We also saw a few of these cranes about -- it was a beautiful morning in the park, by the way.  These pieces of equipment weren't sitting around 100% unattended, but it did seem kind of odd all that stuff just sitting around.

Bobby The Flash reported that they had brought along fake lights, fake trees and bushes -- here's one of the fake lights.  What the heck they would need fake trees and bushes for is anybody's guess.

Here is a prop sign that was created just for the film.  One of the fake street lamps is in the background.  Apparently, in the film, this sign gets run over by a vehicle.  Love this picture -- the Carousel is lit up.

As you can see, the equipment stretched all the way back to Picnic Grove.  Beautiful colors in the park this morning, no?

The parking lot was closed -- only vehicles from the film were allowed in.  So it's safe to assume that this is a prop, as well.  Now, Bobby told us that they would be filming a car crash -- and there did still seem to be some crew hanging around.  So maybe they'll be filming a crash tonight?

The parking lot -- there was a lot of activity -- and not all of it was packing up. 

If you walk up those steps, security will stop you -- hopefully, with the donation from 20th Century Fox, it will be applied to the Carousel and we'll all be able to walk through those gates next summer.

It's funny, as you walk around you see lights like this, almost hidden in the bushes.  I wonder how often movie crews leave equipment behind. 

And one last shot -- just a nice picture of a path in the park -- the cables visible at right. 

And now, here are some videos to enjoy (Note: LINKS FIXED) -- first up, here's Mister Woodhaven's first video -- this is our first good glimpse inside the Forest Park Carousel in over 2 years.

 Here's Part 2 -- some night time shots.  I was fortunate enough to see the Carousel at night, all lit up -- but not as close as this. 


Here's Part 3 --


Here's a real treat -- you can see them inside the carousel filming a scene as it moves.  One of the guys on the set explained that they didn't turn on the carousel -- they moved it by hand.  Apparently, if they were to film with the Carousel moving, it would look too fast on film.  Interesting, no?   


And here's Mr. Woodhaven's last contribution.  For now, at least.  I suspect we may see a few more :-)


Here's one we took, driving along Woodhaven Boulevard -- giving you an idea how much parking was being used by the film crew.  The folks at the Forest Park Co-Op will be glad to get their spaces back.  Parking is tough there under the best of circumstances. 

And here are a few videos from better days -- when the Carousel was still open.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to take more video when it re-opens.  This one was taken very, very late in the summer of 2008 -- footage taken with an old camera.  This was a few months before we started Project Woodhaven.  When we saw a story in the Daily News that the Carousel wouldn't be open by Memorial Day 2009, we uploaded it to You Tube. 

Here's an interesting video because the shots were taken by someone riding the Carousel --


And here's some "behind the scenes" footage from the NY1 report on the Carousel from last summer -- 

 Whew!  What a long post -- we'll add more to it as it comes in --

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