Woodhaven Hit With Snow Again Overnight 

For the second time in less than 3 weeks, a major snowstorm descended on the NYC Area.  We all know how the last one turned out -- this time we dealt with a much smaller storm.  The City declared a "weather emergency" before a single flake had fallen.  In fact, things are so good that it was announced at 4:50 AM that all NYC Public Schools would be OPEN.

The following pictures were taken around 4 AM in Woodhaven.  You can see from the picture below how much snow had fallen -- compare the shoveled portion of the sidewalk to the snow next to it.  At 4 AM it was still coming down hard.

In fact, we had more than a few wild bursts of wind as evidenced by the shot below.  We live just down the hill from Forest Park, so wind like this often brings snowdrifts and extremely limited visibility. 

By 2 AM we had 3 visits from the plows -- but none after that.  So the street below is about 2 hours of accumulation.  The very few cars we saw were moving very slowly.  That's Jamaica Avenue way in the distance.

A better shot looking up 91st Street, looking towards Jamaica Avenue.  The snow was coming down hard like rain at this point.  It is nice being out at this time, though -- very peaceful. 

Here's the reverse angle -- 91st Street looking up North towards Forest Park.  If this is how a street that got plowed 3 times looks, I'd hate to see one that didn't get plowed.  They're saying 6-8 inches in Brooklyn and Queens. 

This is why we've been encouraging people to become Block Captains.  We have made excellent contacts -- and working collectively, we can make sure our streets get cleared.  Here are the blocks that have captains -- we have 21 of them thus far.

Please note that we will only be making calls on behalf of blocks with Block Captains today.  But there's still time to sign up -- send an E-mail to info@woodhaven@nyc.org with your Name, Address, and Phone Number (and cell if possible).  Makes sense if we work together -- we hope you'll join us.  Here's an article about it in last week's Tribune and Times Newsweekly.

Here is 86th Avenue (below) -- that hadn't seen a plow before 4 AM. 

A view from our porch -- by this time we were cold and wanting to be back inside.  It was kind of frustrating watching all the good shoveling you did getting snowed on!

And one last photo -- again from the safety of our porch. 

More pictures to follow . . .  

If you have any comments, or would like to suggest other projects, drop us a line at info@projectwoodhaven.com or projectwoodhaven@aol.com .  

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