The School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center in Woodhaven provides a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn.  During our visit we met many women who hope that one day they can better their lives.  Each and every day, the School Sisters of Notre Dame are taking that hope and moving it closer to reality.  The Schools Sisters of Notre Dame (or SSND) rent space in the convent across the street from St. Thomas the Apostle and have been.  SSND offers an opportunity for economically disadvantaged women to become more fluent in English, to learn math and computer skills, and ultimately to attend city colleges and enter the job market with better-paying positions. 


On Tuesday, May 8 they are holding a A Night Out “Italian Style” fundraiser at Roma View Catering on Crossbay Boulevard with special guest New York Times Best Selling Author Adriana Trigiani.  Dinner guests will get wine; dinner; and a copy of her latest book - The Shoemaker’s Wife.  Amongst the prizes being raffled off are tickets for Alitalia Airlines and a trip to anywhere in Europe.  It's a great night out in support of a wonderful organization that works every day to improve the lives of women and we dropped by this week for a visit.  Here is a report:

It's hard not to be inspired by the hard-working students, of all ages, from all around the world -- working hard to better their lives and the lives of their children.  There was a blanket of good feelings inside the school and we were warmly received.  Below, some of the hard workers that make SSND run -- from left to right, Sonia Saleh - Development,  Sr. Catherine Feeney - Executive Director, and Sr. Janice Algie - GED Coordinator).  SSND has a staff full of good teachers and their hard work is paying off.


In addition to offering ESL and GED classes, the School Sisters of Notre Dame offers inexpensive computer classes to the general public.  So, if you are looking to brush up on your computer skills, here's an avenue you might wish to explore.  And please consider supporting this organization by attending their fundraiser at Roma View in a few weeks -- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Here is a picture of SSND's Wall of Fame -- each woman pictured here is a success story, having left SSND with better prospect than when they first walked through their doors.  And the number of success stories is growing each year!


For additional information about the School Sisters of Notre Dame, about the computer classes, about the fundraiser or even if you'd like to volunteer, email ssndec@aol or call Sonia Saleh at Tel. 718-335-7759.  This is another example of something nice happening right here in Woodhaven and they deserve our support.



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Photos by Joey Wendell