Typically, you get 12 Full Moons per year.  But because of the length of the cycles, once every three years you get one extra Full moon (read more here).  Friday Night we were treated to that extra moon, the 13th Full moon of 2012.  We first spotted it along Park Lane South.  The pictures don't do the moon justice -- as it rose it looked positively gigantic.

The moon hung over the boulevard -- were drivers even noticing it?   Seemed hard to miss, it was super bright.


A closer look at the moon over the boulevard.


We decided to stalk our moon a bit, see how it looked from various angles and locations around Woodhaven.  Most locations you'll recognize right off the bat.  Here we are, looking at our moon at 98th Street and Park Lane South.


Love this picture, taken near Forest Parkway on Park Lane South -- the streetlights along with the moonlight, bouncing off clouds and trees --


Here is the same angle of the moon, taken a step further back to get the whole big picture --


Here's another nice picture, taken from a vantage point just over the tennis courts, the tower in the background.


Here's another beautiful shot, taken from behind the Forest Park Bandshell.  Check out the icicles on the air vent.  It was pretty chilly in the park. 


The bandshell parking lot -- empty.  Quiet.


The moon hangs over our Carousel.


This is a wee bit blurry -- but it's Strack Pond -- love the way the moonlight is reflected on the pond, like a spotlight.  


Still in the park -- the moon was visible from almost everywhere we went.


We made it out of the park -- and here we are leaving Taco Bell.  At first, we were following the moon -- but then the damn thing seemed to be following us!


The Rock.  Nice peaceful spot for some moonlight.


The last moon shot of the night -- Jamaica Avenue.  Testing a setting on the camera with a weird exposure, so parts of it are blurry. 


Here are 3 cool bonus non-moon shots -- first up, Forest Park looking over Woodhaven and Queens (and Brooklyn to the west).  This is across from the Golf Course, looking down on to Park Lane South.


A nice shot of Forest Parkway heading down towards Jamaica Avenue.  A train was pulling in to the 85th Street-Forest Parkway El station at the time.


The last shot of the night, looking over Woodhaven and Queens, JFK Airport at the left of the picture.  It's a beautiful sight at night.


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Photos by Joey Wendell