The residents of Woodhaven gathered this past weekend (December 15th) to discuss issues that concern the community, namely the efforts by the city to divide our community by placing them in 2 separate districts.  It is extremely discouraging, particularly after our community showed such unity in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and came together to help others.  But it is not over yet -- there will be a hearing on Monday, January 14th at Queensborough Community College, and we are looking to get a few residents to go over there and show them that we are united.

The meeting kicked off with Season's Greetings from Assemblyman Mike Miller and Community Affairs Officer Jose Severino.  


Then we were joined by Natalia and Gregory from Beaver Tattoo.  They raised $660 for the WRBA's Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.  Thanks to all the folks and customers at Beaver Tattoo!  In return, we presented Natalia and Greg with a nice certificate of appreciation.  Note:  The artists from Beaver Tattoo were featured in the WRBA's Art Expo last year.


The next portion of the meeting concerned itself with redistricting.  Below is the most recent map of Woodhaven --the area in purple is Elizabeth Crowley's District -- the rest is Eric Ulrich.  "The Commission decided to throw Woodhaven under the bus.  It should be embarrassed about how its final proposal treats our community," WRBA Director of Communications Alex Blenkinsopp said in a statement issued by the WRBA.



Residents took turns speaking out against the proposal -- and it was suggested (to the approval of the membership) that we try and get a crowd to go to the meeting at 6 PM on Monday, January 14th.  Click here for information about the meeting.  Speakers must register ahead of time -- and you will be limited to 3 minutes.  If you plan on speaking, please register here.  Please make sure you enter "Woodhaven Residents' Block Association" in the section where it asks which organization you represent.  URGENT:  The meeting will be at LaGuardia Community College (we mention the wrong location in the video below).


Here are video highlights of the meeting and the discussion about redistricting.  It was a real solid turnout, a great showing for a Saturday 10 days before Christmas.  A big thank you to all who came.

State Senator Joe Addabbo showed up and discussed many of the difficulties facing his constituents in the Rockaways.  As many of our residents have friends or families that were effected, they had many good questions.


After the meeting,our volunteers gathered at the WRBA and packed up all of the toys from our Sandy Toy Drive.  All in all it was a busy day and a great meeting! 





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Photos by Joey Wendell