Superbowl Sunday in Woodhaven

Superbowl Sunday is a special day across America -- it's now #2 behind Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption.  But when you have a team playing in the game, it's a little more special.  And in the days leading up to the big game, you can tell who your friends and neighbors are rooting for.  A lot of them have flags on their vehicles --


Others go the full route and decorate their house!  Check out these guys -- what a great way to show your support!


Here's another sign of support -- 


We saw a few people wearing giant caps and sweatshirts -- some of them, like this one, celebrating the Giants' last championship.


Scaturro's had some Go Giants signs hanging up just inside the door -- 


Actually, Scaturro's went the extra yard -- take a look at this week's circular -- that's really cool -- well done!


The Daily News poster was popular around Woodhaven --


The ladies at "Woodhaven's More Than Bagels" (87-12 Woodhaven Boulevard, next to Subway) were showing their team spirit --


And finally, here's Schmidt's Candies with a homemade sign (to go along with their homemade candies).  


Send us your Superbowl Sunday pics in Woodhaven and we'll add them to this post!  Go Giants!

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Photos by Joey Wendell