Yesterday, we spotted the following at 89th Street and 91st Avenue -- look at the bottom of that pole -- it's completely split.

Overall, this pole looks like a stiff wind could bring it down.  At some point (a while ago from the looks of it) someone tried to brace it --  


We looked at this pole on Google -- looks like that split has been there for a while.  And looking up (see below), it looks like they tied the two poles together.  Nothing can go wrong with that plan, eh?


When that pole falls, it will pull down the other one and, with it, all of that wiring.  We called 311 and they passed us on to Verizon and they said they'd take a look.  But this is not acceptable -- those measures may have made for a good solution to temporarily brace the pole until it could be replaced -- but to leave it this way is completely unacceptable. 


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Photos by Joey Wendell