The paint of these standing cast iron fire alarm boxes is faded, causing them to be barely visible eyesores.  We pass them every day, yet we hardly notice them.  Many of these style of call boxes date back before 1900.  We spotted 4 of them in our travels tonight, we are hoping that there are a few more around Woodhaven -- do you know of any?

Here is one at the corner of 87th Street and 91st Avenue:


The design work on these are quite beautiful -- check out the flame at the top --it's really nice, shame that it has been left to fade away.  Here's another at 90th Street and 89th Avenue.  Looks like the flame was taken off and the bottom is very rusty:


Here is another, with a flame and a bit of rust, at the corner of 88th Street and 89th Avenue.


The last one that we spotted was on 98th Street and Jamaica Avenue.  No flame, but a tall spike in its place.


So, what do you say?  Are there others out there in Woodhaven?  Please let us know!  


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Photos by Joey Wendell