We hope that we'll be hearing some good news about our Carousel real soon.  We've heard some promising news -- but we won't celebrate until we hear it officially announced -- and we think that we'll hear that news very soon.  Until then, here are some Carousel extras -- previously unseen video from the January Tour of the Carousel -- again, it's eerie to see an empty carousel spinning with no music -- instead, you get the sound of the motor groaning to life before it starts chugging away --

Here are some interesting views of our Carousel you don't always get to see -- like this view, taken from near the very center of the Carousel -- you can see all the support rods and how they can be adjusted to increase/decrease the tension.  That needs to all be perfectly aligned otherwise it could damage the Carousel.

A similar view, but with the flash on --


The motor of the Carousel -- I dunno what we were expecting -- it's kind of small.


Inside the snack bar -- spare parts for the Carousel and the horses -- and an old pay phone.


How old?  Woodhaven was still a 212 Area Code!


This is an interesting shot -- it is underneath the Carousel.  Only kids who have fallen off the ride ever get to see this!

The On-Off Switch for the Carousel -- we hope that this will get a LOT of use this Summer!



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Photos by Joey Wendell