"The fog comes on little cat feet.  It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on." - Carl Sandburg - Chicago Poems "Fog" (1916).

The city was covered in a thick blanket of fog Wednesday Night.  We had gone out to take pictures on a foggy morning once (see here), but this was a thicker fog.  And at night, in the fog, even the most innocent of things can take on sinister tones.  Street lights behind bare branches and car headlights around corners suddenly seem threatening.


The air was dense with moisture and each and every light was surrounding by a glowing haze.  In a neighborhood like Woodhaven, with all the trees and streetlights, there were a lot of interesting views.


The avenue was pretty busy around 11 PM -- lots going on in this picture if you look closely.  Train pulling into the station.  Car just beating the light in the southbound service road.  Car making a left-turn too early.  Last section of unpainted El in Woodhaven.


Forest Parkway, across from the library.  You can barely make out the avenue in the distance.


The gates of Franklin K. Lane, looking particularly sinister.  You almost expect to see Dr. Jekyll standing outside the gates, beckoning you inside.


Poor visibility late at night -- a perfect time to go skateboarding on Jamaica Avenue!  Ah, to be young and fearless . . . .


The Seuffert Bandshell (a.k.a. the Dome) looking imperious --


Another view of the bandshell.  In addition to being dark, foggy and wet -- it got a bit windy and cold around midnight, which was when these were taken.


A simple little pile of dead branches and leaves in the middle of the bandshell parking lot -- looks like an evil barrier which must not be crossed.  We got the heck outta there.


Back to the safety of Woodhaven Boulevard. 


The visibility seemed to get worse just after midnight -- the wind died down and the fog just seemed to settle.


There were still a few night crawlers out after midnight --

A few more night crawlers, heading home for the night (we assume).

And, at last, an appropriate shot to end this dark, foggy update -- the end.



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Photos by Joey Wendell