Last Updated: 11/16/2012

For the past week the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association has been collecting donations of clothing and food at their office on Jamaica Avenue. We have been also collecting financial donations to be used for supplies that are sent to the various communities in the Rockaways.  Note: We have suspended online donations for now.

People have been so very generous -- and we believe it is extremely important to show where all the money is spent -- we want to have complete transparency.  We have saved every single receipt, scanned them and have presented them below for public review.  We also have a spreadsheet which we will try to update every day.

First of all, here's the current picture --

We have collected $2,370.39 in cash donations.

We have collected $405.00 online.  Total donations equal $2,775.39

We have spent $2,112.93 on supplies.

We still have $662.46 cash on hand to spend.

Here is the current spreadsheet --


Our latest purchase was at Home Depot -- Brooms and Mops!



Our latest donation came courtesy of this young girl who came in with her mother to drop off money that she had been saving up.  She wanted to make sure it was used to keep people warm and fed.  Is that not just the best?


And here are the scanned receipts -- they are in no particular order yet - but we will order them better when we are finished.  Again, we are not sure if anyone wants to review these but we want to be completely transparent.

Note: Many businesses have made donations, we will be listing them (and thanking them) soon.  Many of these businesses also gave us discounts and donations.  For example, Duane Reade -- you will notice (if you check the spreadsheet) purchases made within minutes of each other -- that is because we were given $10 Discount coupons so many shipments were broken up.  If anyone has any questions, please let us know.













Over the weekend we had the free services of a large box truck courtesy of Pogo Distribution of Massapequa, NY.   Here, a bunch of canned food which was bought from Scaturro's is ready to load.




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