The Woodhaven Library is undergoing renovations and upgrades to the first floor which will take a few months and include a new circulation desk, automated check-in, a new bank of computers, a new seating area which will include the capability to plug in your laptops — all these renovations are part of Phase I and should be done by end of July.  We spoke with Jen Manley, Director of Community Affairs for the Queens Public Library, and she gave us the rundown on what to expect and details on what exciting renovations are on tap for our library.

The temporary mini-library in the basement is now open and we are happy to bring you some nice pictures of it -- we are lucky to have such a space to use which renovations are taking place.  Other libraries have had to settle for a tiny mobile library truck -- which is very nice if you have no other option, but this is much better.


A peek through the door of the library --

From a meeting a few weeks back - a group from the library joins Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley, who has allocated the funding for this project.


 And here are the plans -- look forward to seeing the results of this phase.








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Photos by Joey Wendell