Here's some interesting shots, taken over the past few days here in Woodhaven.  December is always a great months for taking pictures and this one is no exception - lights, snows, events - there's lots to catch your eye.  Let's start off with the spectacular House of Holidays on Atlantic Avenue (just over the border in Ozone Park).

Before we walked inside, we took a stroll around the front of the building, facing Atlantic.  Each year at this time there are hundreds and hundreds of Christmas trees for sale.

There are also wreaths for sale. It's nice walking through here and enjoying the smell of pine.

The string of light bulbs give this and old-timey feel.

They were doing brisk business on this cold evening.

There are so many of these trees waiting for homes! 

Inside the house of Holidays now, lots of beautiful displays.

The displays and decorations are spread out over two floors.  It's a treat walking through here, not only for the decorations, but also just to look around at the inside of the old LaLance-Grosjean factory.

There were so many Santas to choose from!

Here is a life-sized Nativity scene!

They had a ton of decorations for villages including a beautiful carousel.  And the details is wonderful - check out the barber and his customer!

The second floor contains a host of Christmas trees, it really is beautiful to walk through here.

From the happy to the sad. A scene just north of Park Lane South.  The family of this woman who died here in an accident has been leaving flowers for her for many years. 

The snow on Jamaica Avenue looked nice.  It was just starting to stick.

The St. Thomas Flea Market.  They made an announcement and asked people to wave at the camera.

The firehouse on Jamaica Avenue, decorated for Christmas.

And the firehouse on 87th Street, decorated for Christmas.

We drove around, looking at some of the nicely decorated houses. This one has a nice moving display in the window (including a carousel).

A wreath outside St. Thomas.

Look at the size of these inflatables!

I have always liked the way these people decorate their house.  Elegant.

Loved this house - the Santa riding the polar bear was a nice touch.

The more lights, the better is my motto.  Not on my own house (I have one crappy string of lights). But I do like when I see a house all lit up like this.

The holiday house of 91st Street we recently profiled in the Leader-Observer.

And finally, a simple display along Park Lane South reminding us what the holiday is all about.

Still a long way to go between now and the end of the year; we'll be back with more pictures soon.

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Photos by Joey Wendell