On Monday night, a dozen residents of Woodhaven traveled to Long Island City to attend a public hearing of the New York City Districting Commission.  The most recent proposal divides Woodhaven into three pieces covering two districts and we were there to speak out against that plan and to ask the Commission to unite Woodhaven under one district.  We had 4 speakers and another group of supporters.  It was a nice theater (inside LaGuardia Community College) and there was a good sized crowd.


It can be a little unsettling, speaking in front of so many people, but our residents pulled it off nicely, making their points in a friendly, polite manner. Below, Woodhaven's Colin Bucca advocates on behalf of our community. 


Woodhaven's Giedra Kregzdys asks the commission to keep Woodhaven united.


Here is video of the testisomy of the residents of Woodhaven, and some reactions of those who came to support us.

Afterwards, Woodhaven residents Jennie and Helga Monning point to the badly drawn district lines that led to us going in front of the New York City Districting Commission to ask for Woodhaven to be united.


Woodhaven's Giedra Kregzdys and Kristen Marie Deinhardt at the New York City Districting Commission to advocate on behalf of a united Woodhaven.


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Photos by Joey Wendell