Woodhaven Straw Poll Results Are In

Top Issues Discussed, Voted Upon at January Town Hall

The residents of Woodhaven packed the Ambulance Corps for their monthly Town Hall meeting on Saturday to discuss the issues that most concern the residents.  Issues were identified and placed on a cup -- and later in the meeting the residents would get an opportunity to vote.

The way this works is we start off with about a dozen "popular" issues -- and the residents can come up before the meeting and add their own.  Also, during the meeting, we opened the floor to nominations and went around the room collecting nominations for more issues. 




There were a lot of people in attendance and we needed to move quickly through the crowd, but a number of issues were raised and added to the cups.


Here is video of the nomination and voting process --

And here are the final results --not surprising that Illegal Conversions placed so high as it drives many of the other issues we face.  When we did this last in late 2011, Illegal Conversions placed second (behind the need for more police, which tumbles all the way to 8th place this year).  Last time we did this there were 2 separate categories for noise and they both came in near the bottom of the Top Ten.  This year, the Noise issue zoomed up all the way to 2nd Place.  And a representative for a group battling against development of the land along 98th Street asked for support and gathered enough votes to end up in 3rd Place.  Dirty Streets and Sanitation and People Not Cleaning up after their dog are similar in nature and came in 10th and 4th respectively.  It's an interesting look at what's bothering the residents of our community.  Do you see the issue that concerns you on this list?

Here the votes are being cast by residents carefully deciding how to "spend" their straws.


 And finally, the votes are counted -- many thanks to Giedra and Kristen for keeping track of the nominations and tallying up the votes.



The Woodhaven Residents' Block association meets next at 8 PM on Wednesday, February 20th at the Woodhaven Volunteer Ambulance Corps (78-15 Jamaica Avenue) -- we will be getting a special presentation from the NYPD on the Block Watcher program.



If you have any comments, or would like to suggest other projects, drop us a line at info@projectwoodhaven.com or projectwoodhaven@aol.com 

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Photos by Joey Wendell