Eric Ulrich of the NY City Council is running for re-election this year.  With the recent redistricting, Woodhaven will still be split between 2 city council districts, but District 32 will now have a much larger piece of Woodhaven.  Eric held a fundraiser on the roof of Vetro on Crossbay Boulevard in Howard Beach.  Although it was a pretty hot and humid afternoon, it was nice and breezy on the roof of Vetro and you have a really nice view.


There was a good turnout --


The special guest of the evening was Mayor Bloomberg, who came out to show his support for Eric --


Here is our video from the evening:

And some more pictures of Mayor Bloomberg and Eric and his family --

This was a really nice moment during the evening --


Finally, everyone wanted to take their picture with the Mayor and he obliged for a few moments.


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Photos by Joey Wendell