Woodhaven Native Detective Raymond Berke Publishes Memoirs - 6 More Dead

Retired Detective Details College Point Massacre, Inca Gemstone Robbery & Other Cases

The young girl lay in a hospital bed recovering from emergency surgery, her throat slit from ear to ear, unable to speak. How this happened, and who did this to her, were a mystery. Detective Raymond Berke was with her, trying to solve that mystery, when the young woman struggled to write down three words that turned the seasoned detective’s blood cold: “6 more dead.”

Detective Berke soon found himself in an apartment in College Point, gun drawn, going room to room, not knowing if the next corner or next open door would reveal a dead body or a mad dog killer. It’s a gripping true story that became known as the College Point Massacre; six people brutally murdered in an apartment, women bound and killed and cruelly tossed aside. The ensuing investigation and quest for justice resulted in the capture of three men who were convicted and put away for life. (The young woman recovered and now leads a happy, normal life.)

This case is one of the many stories told by Woodhaven native Detective Raymond Berke in his recently published book “6 More Dead,” now available through Amazon.

Raymond was recently a guest on Radio Free Woodhaven:

He was also featured in Woodhaven's hometown newspaper, The Leader-Observer (click here).

6 More Dead is available on Amazon - click the book below to order:

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