Vintage Woodhaven Ads - Vol. 1 

One of our friends and readers, long-time Woodhaven resident Joe Virgona, has donated a nice collection of material to Project Woodhaven for all of us to enjoy.  Today we'll look at some real vintage advertisements from long ago. 

First up is this ad from Kligman's Furniture.  We love that opening line -- Greetings Wives! -- oh, you'd never hear that nowadays.  This comes from a 1976 edition of the Leader-Observer which claims that this particular ad ran in 1924.

Kligman's was a wonderful store -- chock full of beautiful furniture that lasted for years.  We have a few pieces of furniture that were purchased before I was born, which makes them -- ahem -- old.  Kligman's furniture was always well constructed and lasted many years.  We're willing to bet that there are dozens -- perhaps hundreds -- of pieces of Kligman's Furniture still in people's homes around Woodhaven.  Here are two of them: 

At left is a bedroom dresser, still in excellent shape.  At at right is a matching piece, a secretary, also in really good shape.  Funny story about the secretary -- many years ago, we had lost the key that opened the desk portion.  My Mom had stuff in there that she needed but it was locked.  We hunted high and low for the key but it was not willing to be found.  Eventually, she bought a skeleton key and that did the trick -- and where did she buy it from?  Lewis of Woodhaven.  Man, that store had everything -- where would you even go to buy a skeleton key these days?   

If you have a piece of Kligman's furniture floating around your home, send us a picture of it and we'll put together a page of Kligman's Furniture.

Next up is an ad for the Manor Sporting Goods Company, listed at 4123 Jamaica Avenue (the corner of 94th and Jamaica).  For many years, most Woodhaven Kids got their first baseball glove from Manor.  And, quite likely, their first bike.  The same family later (in 1967) opened a bicycle shop nearby called Schwinn's.  Click here for more photos of Manor Sporting Goods Co. and Schwinn's.   

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