Here are a few glimpses of Christmas Eve in Woodhaven.  6:40 AM on Christmas Eve.  


Christmas Eve, the sun has gone down.  I love looking up at the apartments in Jamaica Avenue and seeing lights and trees inside.  Perhaps because I grew up in an apartment on Jamaica Avenue.  In any event, this image struck a chord with me. 


Queens Tabernacle on 96th Street.  It was sleeting.  The red cross is beautiful. 


The avenue lights, as beautiful as ever.


The wet street reflects the lighting making for a beautiful scene.


Getting ready for Christmas Mass at Emanuel United Church of Christ, 91st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard.  Those electric candles, we were told, are over 75 years old, created by a parishioner who has long since gone on to his reward.  But his gift to the parish is loved and looked forward to every year.


There was a nice turnout for a beautiful ceremony --


-- a ceremony that concluded with prayer and singing by candlelight.


Here is our review of Christmas 2012 in Woodhaven --



The exterior of St. Thomas the Apostle -- what a beautiful display --


The Christmas wreaths over the doors of St. Thomas --


This statue of St. Thomas was erected this year -- looked lovely under the lights.


Merry Christmas to all who serve and protect us and keep us from harm!


This house is beautifully decorated --


Here is another -- love the wreaths --


It's nice when you have a few houses, next to each other, all lit up --


For our money -- these were the nicest lights in Woodhaven that we saw last night.  These houses were the scene of a horrific fire back in 2009 (click here for our coverage - one of our first ever stories for this site).  Good to see those houses all lit up.


Making the walk along Jamaica Avenue to visit friends and family.  The present that little girl is carrying is nearly as big as she is!


Merry Christmas to all -- and to all a good night!


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Photos by Joey Wendell