It is an annual tradition - the Parade for WORKS Little League (formerly Rich-Haven).  We wrote about the parade beforehand here - and it exceeded our expectations!  This year was a special treat as the parade began and ended in Woodhaven. The marchers assembled at Equity Park (PS 60) at 9:30 a.m. and started the parade down 92nd Street at 10 a.m. to Jamaica Avenue where they turned left. They marched down the avenue until they hit Forest Parkway, where they turned towards Forest Park and continued marching until they reached the bandshell. 

We positioned ourselves at 88th to greet the marchers - then hopped in the car to meet them again at the top of Forest Parkway before jumping back in the car to meet them at the bandshell.  Many thanks to the 102nd Precinct and the Auxiliary Police officers for keeping the march orderly and safe. And a big thank you to the many parents, coaches and managers for getting the 2014 season off to a great start for all our great players!

Here they are, marching down Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven for the first time in a few years (since the 2009 parade).  For a few years, while the elevated train was being worked on, the parade was re-routed to avoid the avenue in Woodhaven. It was great to have them back!

Each team is afforded the opportunity to play in part because of sponsorship - and the sponsor's names are on each team's cap. For example, this team here is sponsored by the Avenue Diner.  Click here to see a list of all the sponsors.

I marched in this parade for years - it was a lot of fun to march down Jamaica Avenue. Glad to see this generation of kids getting the same chance.

You can learn a lot about WORKS Little League by visiting their website here. You can also keep up to date with their happenings by "liking" them on Facebook (click here).

The parents led the cheers the entire way. It's a nice stretch of the legs along Jamaica Avenue - but the real challenge is ahead.

The team sponsored by the residents of Woodhaven - the WRBA Team, the Royals.

Historically it has been very cold on the day of the parade - or even worse, rain. But the sunshine and warm weather was a nice treat! Some kids had sunglasses and they came in handy!

There they go! It was a nice sized parade this year -- lots of players, coaches, managers and parents.

Here is video of the parade at all 3 locations - finishing up with a nice rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Here they are marching up Forest Parkway.

This is when it gets tough for some - it's all uphill from here to the bandshell.

There's Senator Joe Addabbo marching.

They're getting close now -- marching along the Brooklyn-Queens GreenWay overlooking Woodhaven and beyond.

When I was young, by the time we got here we wanted no part of carrying any banners.  We'd try to get our parents to carry them the rest of the way.  Good to see that some traditions remain!

The kids were real excited to be getting close to the bandshell and all those benches -- but a lot of the parents were twice as happy!  It's a real nice stretch of the legs, mostly uphill - and they all did a great job making it!

The kids are looking a little tired -- it's almost over!

Nearing the finish line!

Take five everyone!

Here I am with WRBA President Martin Colberg with players from the team sponsored by the residents of Woodhaven.

The league lives on the support of our elected reps -- here, league President Terrence Flanagan (left) and VP Walter Chaluisant (right) stand with Councilman Eric Ulrich (and daughter Lily), Assemblyman Mike Miller and State Senator Joe Addabbo.

Play ball!

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Photos by Joey Wendell