Bully Moms United for a PITastic Cause is a not for profit organization that seeks to educate people about Pit Bulls and they held an event this past weekend (May 31st) at the Forest Park Dog Run. We interviewed the founder of Bully Moms, Jessie Velazquez-Rosa, before the event on Radio Free Woodhaven - you can hear that interview here.

On their website, they state: "Our dream is that one day this amazing breed will not be the target of abuse, discrimination & hate. We at want to help educate people, raise awareness, and help give back to those who are already making waves in this fight. We want to show the world that Pit Bull Terriers are loving, loyal & gentle and do NOT deserve or warrant the violent epidemic that is happening everyday against them."

Bully Moms report that Pit Bulls account for 68% of dogs euthanized in shelters and that in NYC alone an average of 2,750 Pits are killed per year.

Owners of pit bulls from Woodhaven and neighboring communities came out with their pups and those pups and their owners got to know each other. Here is some video from our visit:

It was a beautiful day, except for a brief shower that hit just as we arrived.

There were lots of beautiful and friendly pit bulls around.

The media has scared so many people about these pups, I have to admit I was a little hesitant approaching them. But they were every bit as friendly as any other pup we've seen at the dog run and before long we were petting them, scratching their ears and they were licking our hands in return.

One of the goals of the day was to raise awareness about Pit Bulls and break down those barriers that have been constructed. On that front, the group succeeded very well.

Another goal was to help raise some funds for treatments for one of the pups, named Asia, who has been diagnosed with cancer and has but a few months to live. She's only 3-years old. Many of the other pups were wearing the green bandannas in honor of Asia.

The owners of the pits were all proud of their pups and loved showing them off.

The rain caused many of the owners to seek shelter under tents or under trees. It gave them all a chance to get better acquainted.

This pup was well trained and sat and held out its paw -, though we were told she usually did better if there was a snack involved.  Just like all other pups.

The group came together for a picture - here they are, the Bully Moms!  Again, check out their website and read their stories.

The pups were having a great time, sniffing each other, playing with each other.

A baby pit bull caused a little bit of a stir, all the other pups and owners came over to say hello and look at the little puppy.

The little pup received lots of warm welcomes and kisses.

It was getting kisses from humans and pups alike!

There were so many different pit bulls there, different sizes, different colors - it was a really nice event. We're sure they will be back, make sure you try to visit next time - whether you have a pit bull of your own or not.

And if you don't have a pit bull, but you think you would be interested, contact Bully Moms United - they can help you find a good match with one that is looking for a home.

The pit bull owners were all proud of their pups - and the pups were all happy to be there.  We look forward to their next event - we'll keep you posted, but you can also keep up-to-date by following them on Facebook.

If you have any comments, or would like to suggest other projects, drop us a line at info@projectwoodhaven.com or projectwoodhaven@aol.com.  

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Photos by Joey Wendell