Last year, Councilman Eric Ulrich brought the Fall Harvest Festival to Woodhaven - click here to see coverage of last year's event. The turnout for last year was huge - in fact, it was so huge that they ran out of pumpkins pretty quickly, giving out over 500 pumpkins in the first 90 minutes. This year, armed with hundred more pumpkins, they were prepared for another huge turnout and they were not disappointed. The line to get in to Victory Field stretched out to Woodhaven Boulevard signaling that even in its second year, this event is becoming very popular. One real nice thing about this event is that it is free -- the rides, the face-painting, etc. it is all free.

The event is held on the softball fields at Victory Field and lasts 3 hours. The theme is Fall Harvest which means lots of hay and pumpkins and a few ghosties thrown in for good measure.

This shot gives you a good look at just where the pumpkin patch / maze is set up (you can see the track at Victory Field in the background).

This year they were determined not to run out of pumpkins -- and here they are, just waiting to go home with little boys and girls.

They need volunteers to pull off this event and here is this year's crew - many thanks to all the volunteers, the NYC Parks Department workers and CM Eric Ulrich and his staff for pulling off another great event this year.

Here is video from this year's Fall Harvest Festival. Did you not hear about it?  Make sure you sign up for The Grapevine -- Woodhaven's newsletter that lets you know what's happening in Woodhaven.  Want to sign up?  Click here to send an email to the WRBA asking to sign up.

There were many opportunities to take photos - one of the popular spots was just outside the field. Here, WRBA Vice-President Giedra Kregzdys and Project Woodhaven's Josephine Wendell get ready to hand out water on behalf of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association.

There was a fire engine courtesy of the FDNY -- and the kids got to sit behind the wheel and blast the horn and take pictures.

Shorinjiryu Kenryukan Karate (980 Jamaica Avenue, 718-647-4157) was at the event putting on a demonstration, led by Hanshi Myron Lubitsch. This crew has been performing at the Woodhaven Street Fair since the very first one.

The Home Depot was on-site and they were handing out little toolboxes to the children and helping them with little craft projects.

Councilman Eric Ulrich brought his daughter and she had a great time.

The inflatable rides were a big draw --

The Department of Sanitation was also there with their truck which the kids also loved --

CM Ulrich walked around handing out candy -- here he is with WRBA President Martin Colberg.

The weather was good all day. For a few moments, a few dark clouds sailed overhead, but they did no damage.

This crew did a great job entertaining the kids.

The Richmond Hill Historical Society brought chickens to the event and everyone liked holding and petting them.  Here, WRBA Director Janet Forte and WRBA Vice-President Giedra Kregzdys make some new friends.

And here, Project Woodhaven's Josephine Wendell holds a chicken for the first time. 


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Photos by Joey Wendell