The free concerts in Forest Park are much anticipated - and the Beatlemania concert was especially looked forward to. The weather had been iffy all day but late afternoon reports showed the storm holding off until after the concert so we, like many other people, made our way to the bandshell. What we found when we got there was disappointment and confusion.

The crowd was really ready for a show - a night out in the park, listening to some old favorites. Instead, what they got was the sounds of silence. Not only because there was no music - but there was no announcement, no one there to greet them and tell them that the show was cancelled, not even a sign posted.

The crowd stuck around - after all, the weather was holding out, it was a nice night. Some people were planning to meet others - some people tried calling their friends to tell them not to bother coming.

The disappointment soon turned to anger. People searched their phones for news - and they found announcements on Facebook saying the show was, indeed, cancelled.

Along the way, we ran into this pair - she would sing except they had no microphone. Luckily, we had one at home - we sped home, picked it up, and Voila!  It was Showtime!

Those that remained were treated to a medley of old favorites.

The crowd was enjoying the night - again, it turned out to be a nice night for sitting in the park.

Here are some video highlights of the singers - the evening had a nice international flavor --

There were a lot of good feelings around - here, one of the young children at the concert wanted to let everyone know how much he was enjoying it.

And this young man, you'll never guess what his name is -- Ringo!

Here, our entertainers sing "Help!" - a rather apt song for the evening!

Next up, this young woman from Columbia treated us to a medley of songs --

The crowd joined along with her, clapping their hands.

These two women, from China, volunteered to wrap up the evening with a native Chinese song.

The evening was getting late - but there were still more than a few people hanging around, enjoying the night.

All in all, a fun night. It was badly handled by Forest Park - but handled with glace and good humor by those who came out to have fun. We all said good night and look forward to seeing everyone at the next free concert in the park.

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Photos by Joey Wendell