There is work being done at the Forest Park Bandshell, reconstructing the path behind the structure and erecting a new fence.  We decided to take a walk up there to see what was going on, and while we were there walk about and see what else we could see.  It was a chilly Sunday morning and the park was quiet.


We will revisit the area once work is completed and bring you the before and after views.  But this should give you an idea of what they are doing --


As stated, the park was pretty empty -- it made for a nice, peaceful walk.  As we were sitting, we were admiring all the little twists and turns in the branches of this tree

The steps to Forest Park Drive -- and across the street, more steps. 


The little road from Forest Park that leads to Park Lane South and 86th Street -- aka Baby Carriage Lane.  Don't know if that's the official name for this road, but that's what I always knew it as.  Be nice to get a sign officially designating this as such.  Would hate for that name to fade away.


A better view of Baby Carriage Lane.  The road splits off down below, one path leading to Park Lane South, the other path brings you to the tennis courts.


The view of Woodhaven from the woods overlooking the tennis courts.


There were a few players out, testing the cold -- you can see the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy and the winter -- lots of downed trees and snapped branches throughout the woods surrounding the tennis courts.

Some of the trees, though, look like they've been down for a while.  As far back as I can remember there were always fallen trees in Forest Park.  They provide good seating when you need a rest while on your walk.

This tree had a bunch of white growths on it -- I wonder if they grew on the tree before it fell, or afterwards.


So, our goal was to walk to the pond.  We could have taken the nice cement path -- but we felt that the woods would be more interesting.  We had to climb over a few fallen trees and fight our way though some weeds (and thorns!)  A nice clear path like this is pretty irresistible, though.


This tree was easy to step over -- but this path was starting to lead us away from the pond.  We forged ahead.


Beyond the fallen tree there was more of the path -- again, leading further away from the pond.  What the heck, we decided to follow it a bit further.


Trees that had fallen long ago were visible, they were covered and were in the midst of disintegrating.  It's nice walking through the woods this time of year because you can see so much more -- it's not blocked by the leaves.


Here is a snapped off branch that looked like an eagle --


Another fallen tree with growth.  And an old beer bottle.


A big fallen tree.  We were not on an official path now, having to fight our way through a bit of a thorny patch.  My wife was asking me why we didn't take the cement path.  I was wondering the same thing.  But the pond was almost within reach.


Here we are -- a bit of a detour, but we made it all the same.  We had visited Strack Pond back in 2009 (click here) and again a year later in 2010 (click here) --  


This was the scene of a murder -- on HBO's Empire Boardwalk, that is -- click here for pictures -- and here is the scene as broadcast --

It was far more peaceful on the day we visited -- with a nice pair of seats waiting for us. 


The ducks were on the far side of the pond. 


We spent the better part of an hour, sitting, watching the ducks.  No one came by.  It was nice and quiet.


Time to leave.  The cement path was beckoning to us -- it was the most direct path back to our car.


But the path in the other direction, around the back end of the pond, won out --


The view from the end of the pond -- the Forest Park Carousel (which opens this Saturday) is visible in the distance.


As we were leaving I spotted this hill (with helpful steps built in) -- I remember sitting on this hill as a kid and watching ballgames when there had been a field there.




And finally, just outside the carousel, we spotted this -- Chip and Karen from back in 1982 -- are you out there Chip and Karen?  Did you get married?  Have kids?  Get in touch with us and let us know!



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Photos by Joey Wendell