Each year, the students at St. Thomas the Apostle celebrate Flag Day through decorations, songs and presentations. The plan is to always hold it outside, in the schoolyard. But for the 2nd year in a row, the celebration needed to be held indoor because of heavy rains. The older students are brought to the cafeteria and then the younger ones, wearing hats they made themselves, make a grand entrance. Here is a video of the 2014 Flag Day Celebration, followed by some pictures -

The guest of honor is the American Flag and it is front and center while the rest of the students carry their own flags.

At last, the guest of honor is unfurled.

The students lead those assembled in the Star Spangled Banner.

Various students take to the microphone to speak about unity and the flag. There are students at St. Thomas from all different countries and backgrounds and faiths - it's nice to see them recognizing that they are all united under this flag.

STA Principal Joseph Carpenter addresses the student body.

Deputy Inspector Hank Sautner of the 102nd Precinct speaks to the students.

The ceremony closes with the traditional folding of the flag. The students are trained in the correct procedure by members of the American Legion.

Before we go, the students belt out a few more patriotic songs and wave the flags. 

The flag is then put away for another year. Assemblyman Mike Miller came to the Flag Day Celebration.

A job well done!  See you all next year!


Flag Day 2013

Flag Day 2012

Flag Day 2011

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Photos by Joey Wendell