East Coast Car Association Car Show - 2013

Toy Run to St. Mary's - 2013

This is the story of the East Coast Car Association and the wonderful work they've been doing for St. Mary's Hospital for Children in Bayside, Queens. Over the past 15 years they have hauled countless toys to the young children who are staying at St. Mary's - and they have donated over $125,000. The money is raised at their car shows and cruise nights that they hold throughout the year. They often hold car shows in Forest Park at the bandshell, so if you've gone to a show and bought a hat or a patch or made a donation, you played a part in this story.

There were a lot of spectators who came to see the cars, drop off donations and see the cars in action. A lot of others also came to drop off donations and make the trek out to Bayside.

The hard working crew of the East Coast Car Association gathers for a nice group shot. They work hard all year round for this day - and before this day ends they'll begin working towards next year's run.

And they're off! It's really nice seeing all these cars take off and in action, one right after another.

Here is our video of the afternoon, from the start in the Forest Park bandshell, to the end inside St. Mary's with all the children.

Here's something you never want to see in your side-view mirror!  The NYPD and the Auxiliary Police Officers did a fantastic job clearing the way from Forest Park to Bayside.

We surrender!  It was an orderly line on the GCP - luckily the weather cooperated.

WRBA President Martin Colberg and Vice-President Giedra Kregzdys represented the residents of Woodhaven and helped carry their donations in.

The toys just kept coming and coming - the stage started empty and before long it was overwhelmed.

Santa came along for the ride :-)

The kids were thrilled to see everyone, especially Santa.

The folks from the East Coast Car Association pause for a few moments to say hello and hand over a financial donation.

The kids were allowed to choose one present each - there were many other kids not well enough to make the trip downstairs. The toys will be help and distributed throughout the year.

The kids loves all the commotion and excitement and seeing all the toys and presents. And the members of ECCA Toys for Tots enjoyed seeing and speaking with the kids.

Stepping back -- and we placed these pics at the end because the story was about the East Coast Car Association, our donations were very modest - but we want to thank the members of the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society for their donation --

And we'd like to thank the members of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association for their donation. It was greatly appreciated. 

Bonus: There were other at the Toy Run with cameras - here are a pair of really nice videos - here is one showing the cars riding through Forest Park:

And here is another one from Mr. Woodhaven, Bobby Flash!


East Coast Car Association Car Show - 2013

Toy Run to St. Mary's - 2013

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Photos by Joey Wendell