The last few weeks have made for a long winter. Folks around Woodhaven can be heard to say over and over "Enough of this snow!" But Mother Nature isn't listening - and so, following some days where temps were just barely above zero we got hit again with yet more snow. 

This kind of snow is a pain because it covers up patches of ice making for some potentially hazardous conditions.

Here's a nice colorful shot of St. Thomas the Apostle --

I think we'll all be very happy to put our shovels away - but until that day comes, we all do our bit to keep our sidewalks clean.

Equity Park was empty.  We may be hearing some very interesting news about this park soon.  

Pretty quickly, the snow started to impact travel on Woodhaven Boulevard.

The flurries impacted visibility almost from the moment it started falling. Not only were flakes flying all over the place, it was sticking right away.

Here's a shot from the top of the bridge crossing Atlantic. I was in my car, the heat was blasting - but you can still see the Grosjean clocktower.

Even though visibility was poor, you could still see the tower.

Sitting at the light, waiting to turn into the park. 

There's the Forest Park Carousel -- looking beautiful in the snow. 

The sign erected by the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society in honor of the Forest Park Carousel being named to the National Register of Historic Places.

When is the Forest Park Carousel reopening for 2015? This will make you feel warm -- this is 34 days away.

The bandshell parking lot is always busy during a snowstorm. The spreader trucks stop here for a fill up before heading out to Woodhaven, Brooklyn, Richmond Hill, Glendale, etc. The parking lot is convenient to the Jackie Robinson, so it's a good spot for them. 

The parking lot for the Forest Park Golf Course.

Forest park Drive aka the Brooklyn-Queens GreenWay.

Some of the Memorial Trees in Forest Park. The Parks Department has given  American Legion Post 118 and the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society the green light to decorate these trees for Memorial Day.

The old Golf House, Oak Ridge, currently home to the Forest Park Administration.  You can rent this building out for parties - it's roomy and beautiful inside.  Call 718-235-4100 for information.

Woodhaven's new Christmas Tree is holding up well in the storm.

While we were heading home, an ambulance came screaming down the Avenue. People were almost too preoccupied with the snow to notice. 

The fire engines were called out - it was a cold day to be outside working.

The FDNY was on the scene - didn't appear to be too serious, we're happy to report.

Getting dark now - time to head home and get a nice warm cup of tea.

One last shot of the boulevard, traffic moving smoothly.

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Photos by Joey Wendell