It is an annual tradition - the Parade for WORKS Little League (formerly Rich-Haven).  For the second straight year, the parade began and ended in Woodhaven. The marchers assembled at Equity Park (PS 60) and started the parade down 92nd Street to Jamaica Avenue where they turned left. They marched down the avenue until they hit Forest Parkway, where they turned towards Forest Park and continued marching until they reached the bandshell. And then, afterwards, the kind staff at The Forest Park Carousel treated everyone who marched in the parade to a free ride on this beautiful NYC Landmark. 

Before we show you this year's parade, for those who want to march down memory lane, here is our coverage of the previous years' parades: 2009 Parade2010 Parade2011 Parade(We missed 2012), 2013 Parade, and the 2014 Parade.

Our coverage this year is a little different than before -- because this year we are managing a T-Ball team of 4 and 5 year olds -- The WRBA Royals (sponsored by the residents of Woodhaven) -- and we were marching in the parade that we were covering. It wasn't easy - but we acquitted ourselves and got some great pics and video. So here we go -- the 2015 WORKS Little League Parade.

The players, parents, coaches and managers gathered at Equity Park (PS 60) to begin the long march.

Because we were marching, we didn't get too many pics on the avenue -- hard to walk and take pictures and video at the same time. Needless to say, chewing gum was right out!

Here is the video of the 2015 parade --

You never really think of Forest Parkway as uphill - but it is slightly uphill. But the real hill lay ahead for us at this point.

Catch up everyone!  Great work by the NYPD and the Auxiliary Police for keeping everyone safe!

The players did an outstanding job marching all the way up Forest Parkway into the park (that's a long, uphill walk!) but they were starting to get tired. So were the parents. 

The trees were still bare (this was April 18th) -- another two weeks and these will be really green. Great job by the twirlers - twirling their batons all the way from PS 60 to here couldn't have been easy.

There are a lot of smiles - everyone knows they've tackled the hill and most of the uphill walk is behind them.

Not far to go now!

There was lots of chanting and clapping along the way.

The walk through the park - the Queens GreenWay -- is beautiful. 

The marchers were enjoying the view to the right - overlooking Woodhaven and Queens.

This guy had the right idea! 

Ahhh!  Finally - a nice rest. 

WORKS President Terrence Flanagan addresses the players, coaches and parents.

Here, Assemblyman Mike Miller and State Senator Joe Addabbo meet the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association (WRBA) Royals.

Joe Addabbo and Dem District Leader Angel Vasquez wishing everyone good luck.

Now - on to the Carousel!

The kids had a great time on this beautiful ride -- and many thanks to the Forest Park Carousel for their hospitality. 

There were a lot of smiles -- it was a beautiful day for the parade and the season is just underway -- there's lots of optimism for the season ahead. WORKS has been part of the fabric of Woodhaven for over half a century -- and the kids you see on this page are our future. Our future firemen and police officers and elected officials and teachers and coaches -- they are our future and it is in all our best interests to do whatever we can to make sure they get the best support they can as they start their journeys. 

The rest of the pictures are presented without commentary.  The smiles say it better than words can express.

Play ball!

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Photos by Joey Wendell