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The Forest Park Carousel Opens for the Season - Opening Day 2013

The Forest Park Carousel Reopens - Coverage of the carousel preview, May 24th 1012.

Behind The Scenes At The Carousel - Rare and unusual pictures of the Forest Park Carousel

The Art of the Forest Park Carousel - A closer look at the artistry surrounding the carousel.

The Forest Park Carousel Tour - A walk through of the carousel in January 2012 for potential vendors.

Rejected Carousel Bid Revealed - From November 2011, a look at a rejected suitor.

The Carousel's New Fence - From October 2011, a look at the new wrought iron fence, clips from Bored to Death (filmed at our carousel), and Elizabeth Crowley with one of our Save the Carousel T-Shirts.

The Carousel Today - Images from the Carousel's April 2011 tour for potential vendors.  This was our first good look at the carousel since 2008 and remains, to this day, our most often viewed page.

Carousel Tease - A brief glimpse of the Carousel in March 2011.

The Sitter Wraps -  Pictures of Forest Park and the Carousel as The Sitter wraps filming.  This update is notable for having a lot of different video clips, some terrific ones from Mr. Woodhaven.

The Sitter - Here's our report from October 2010 as we noticed the film crew setting up to film The Sitter.

Some Carousel History - A look back at some of the history of the carousel, courtesy of Lisa Colangelo of the NY Daily News.

Saturday in the Park - From April 2009, just as we were finding out that the Carousel would not be open for the summer.


The Forest Park Carousel In The News


07/03/2013 - Ami Abramson (NY Carousel Entertainment) and Lisa Colangelo (NY Daily News) Speak About Landmarking - Radio Free Woodhaven

06/25/2013 - Woodhaven Block Association Lauds Landmarking of Carousel - WRBA

06/25/2013 - Forest Park Carousel Gets Its Brass Ring - Landmarked - NY Daily News

06/24/2013 - Testimony In Support of Landmarking The Forest Park Carousel - WRBA

05/13/2013 - Landmarks Commission To Hold Hearings on Landmarking - NY Daily News

03/22/2013 - Radio Interview With Ami Abramson of NY Carousel Entertainment - Radio Free Woodhaven

10/25/2012 - Forest Park Carousel Has Successful First Year Under NY Carousel Entertainment - NY Daily News

05/25/2012 - Century-Old Forest Park Carousel Reopens for Queens Riders -

05/25/2012 - As the Carousel Turns - A History Of The Forest Park Carousel - Queens Courier

05/25/2012 - Forest Park Carousel Reopens - Queens Chronicle

05/24/2012 - Forest Park Carousel opens for a new generation of riders - NY Daily News

05/24/2012 - Queens Carousels Open For Memorial Day Weekend - Leader/Observer

05/10/2012 - Carousel Will Spin By Memorial Day - The Forum

05/10/2012 - NY Carousel Entertainment Will Reopen Carousel In May - Queens Chronicle

05/09/2011 - Concessionaire Selected For Forest Park Carousel - Leader/Observer

05/07/2011 - Queens Historic Carousels To Open For Summer - NY Daily News

05/06/2012 - Vintage Carousels get Operators In Time For Summer - NY1

05/04/2011 - Carousel Gets New Operator - Will Reopen Soon - Queens Courier

05/04/2012 - Woodhaven Hails Reopening of Forest Park Carousel - WRBA

05/03/2012 - Queens Parks Commish: Carousel Will Be Running Soon - Queens Chronicle

02/22/2012 - Parks Official: Carousel Will Spin By Spring - NY Daily News

1/20/2012 - Rare Glimpse at Forest Park's Hand Carved Treasures - NY Daily News

1/17/2012 - Luna Park Exec Interested In Reviving Forest Park Carousel? - NY Daily News

1/16/2012 - Coney Island Operators May Bid On Carousel - The Forum

1/12/2012 - Amusement Bigwig - Carousel "An Easy Fix" -

11/30/2011 - Queens Residents Push To Restore Carousel - NY1

11/29/2011 - Civic Group Starts Landmark Push - NY Daily News

11/23/2011 - WRBA Launches Bid To Landmark Carousel - Queens Chronicle

10/25/2011 - Parks Rejects Carousel Man's Bid - NY Daily News

10/6/2011 - City Finds No Bidder For Carousel - Queens Chronicle

04/27/2011 - Vendors Visit The Carousel - The Forum

04/20/2011 - Audit shows ex-operator of Forest Park Carousel has shoddy bookkeeping, poor maintenance - NY Daily News

04/14/2011 - Parks Seeks Carousel Vendor, Again - The Forum

02/17/2011 - New Strategy In Search of Carousel Operator - The Forum

02/09/2011 - Forest Park carousel may get good turn - NY Daily News

02/01/2011 - Forest Park Carousel Could Be Spinning Again Soon - Leader/Observer

11/03/2010 - Shuttered Forest Park Carousel gets turn for better after landing film role in 'The Sitter' - NY Daily News

07/29/2010 - WRBA Gets Set To Fight For Carousel - Times Newsweekly

07/17/2010 - Devotees Seek To Reopen Queens Carousel -  NY1

04/11/2008 - Marvin Sylvor, Designer of Carousels, Dies at 75 - NY Times

01/08/2008 - 1910 Muller Carousel - The Carousel News and Trader

10/05/2004 - The Carousel Is Riding High Historically - NY Daily News

01/14/2003 - Leaders Hope To Do Carousel A Good Turn - NY Daily News

08/10/1999 - Forest Pk. Carousel A Hidden Treasure - NY Daily News

One of our very first updates, when we launched the site in October 2008 was this short clip of the Carousel -- little did we know then that it would be 4 years before we saw kids riding on it --

Here is some footage from 2007 courtesy of Mr. Woodhaven.

This is dated September 2008 -- and it's a great view of the carousel in sad times -- the gates are down and the kids are riding in the dark! 

Here is some behind the scenes coverage from July 2010 when we went to the Carousel for an interview with NY1.  This was just about the hottest day of the summer.

Here are some videos from Mister Woodhaven's of The Sitter being filmed at the Carousel -- done over a few nights and 5 videos, it is great comprehensive coverage of filming at our carousel..

 Here's Part 2 -- some night time shots.  I was fortunate enough to see the Carousel at night, all lit up -- but not as close as this. 


Here's Part 3 --


Here's a real treat -- you can see them inside the carousel filming a scene as it moves.  One of the guys on the set explained that they didn't turn on the carousel -- they moved it by hand.  Apparently, if they were to film with the Carousel moving, it would look too fast on film.  Interesting, no?   

 And here's Mr. Woodhaven's last contribution.  Outstanding work from our intrepid field reporter.

And if you saw the movie (which was horrible) you would be surprised because after all of that filming on the carousel itself, you don't even get to see it.  So don't bother.  There, we just saved you a few bucks.  However, you did get to see the carousel in an episode of HBO's Bored to Death --

Here, our frustration was starting to show --


Here is the Carousel during the tour for Vendors in early 2012 --

Here is another April 2012 look -- in HD -- from Mr. Woodhaven --

Here we are in early 2011 inside the Carousel --

And finally, a scary look at the Carousel --

Reopening Day Ceremony -


Reopening (from Mr. Woodhaven) -



Opening Day 2012


Forest Park Carousel Alzheimer's Fundraiser


Interview With Ami Abramson - March 2013


Opening Day 2013



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