Project Woodhaven's 2009 Project Archive

Here are some previous projects that we've presented since we first went online October 3rd, 2008.  Our earliest reports clearly show we were just getting our feet wet, and we were still learning . . .  If you're interested, click here to see how we looked on that first day

In honor of our first anniversary, here is a special video looking back at the past year.  Then, you can scroll down and look through our updated archive and see if there's anything that catches your eye! 



December 2009

New Year's Eve 2009 - New Year's Eve had been crazy, what with the snow earlier that morning, so we were looking for a fun, relaxing place to welcome in 2010.  And with 2010 being Woodhaven's 175th Anniversary, what better place to ring in the New Year than one of the oldest taverns around -- and certainly the oldest place in Woodhaven -- Neir's (previous story here, official site here).  The crowd was already festive by the time we arrived.

New Year's Eve Snow - So, on the last day of 2009, when we woke up and saw a lot of snow on the ground, we jumped up and got out the door right away.  In other words, we went out to play :-) 

Remembering Woodhaven.  In 1997, the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society began a project -- interviewing folks about their memories of Woodhaven.  Their first subject -- and as it turned out their last subject -- was long time resident, and self proclaimed "Woodhavenite until he died" John Fischer.

The NY1 Ambulance Corps Interview.  A few weeks ago, NY1 News came to Woodhaven to interview the Woodhaven Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps in advance of their Pasta Dinner Fundraiser (which we covered here).  The reporter filing the story for NY1 was Ron Lee, here he is with Kathy Sexton Dalbey (CEO of the Ambulance Corps).

Back to the 1970sAs this decade draws to a close, we look back a few decades -- and once again, we have The American Legion Post 118 to thank for these great color pics of Woodhaven.  We've previously shared some spectacular pictures from the 1960s which you can find here and here.  The color pictures in this report came a decade later, the 1970s

Woodhaven Decorations.  This is a simple report.  A look around at the houses of Woodhaven, where tonight, families will gather together and celebrate Christmas Eve.  We take this moment to thank all of our readers for their support this year, and wish you and your families all a Merry, Happy and Healthy Christmas.

Forest Park - Dark and Frozen.  We were out taking some night pics and ended up in Forest Park -- driving along Forest Park Drive.  And with all the leaves gone, you get a great view overlooking Woodhaven, as well as surrounding areas.

MTA Press Conference.  While the residents of Woodhaven worry over what will become of the Z Line and the Q56 Bus, our elected representatives went public with their displeasure in a Tuesday morning press conference at the office of Assemblyman Mike Miller (38th District).  Mr. Miller had spoken about this press conference in an exclusive interview with Project Woodhaven Friday Night.  The frigid weather and short notice kept a lot of residents away, but Councilmembers Elizabeth Crowley and Eric Ulrich joined Assemblyman Miller, along with Assemblyman Rory Lancman (25th District), to speak up for them.

MTA Cuts - Coverage of the news that the MTA was looking to cutting the Z Line and the Q56.  Featuring an interview with Mike Miller.

Santaddabbo!  Joe Addabbo plays Santa!

Blizzard!  Woodhaven found itself in the path of a blizzard -- we were there as it approached.  Some folks also call this update... The Birds!

We Will Survive!  It had been long known that the Woodhaven Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps was hurting financially.  And when the problems got worse, the WRHVAC reached out for help by having a fundraiser, and announced a Pasta Dinner.  We advertised it here on Project Woodhaven.  And the "media wing" of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association sent out a press release, offering encouragement to the organization and asking for help

Aktion Club Christmas Party.  The Forest Park Aktion Club is a wonderful organization -- a Kiwanis club for adults with mental disabilities.  On December 5th, a few hours after the Christmas Parade on Jamaica Avenue, the Forest Park Aktion Club had their annual Christmas Party.

The Voice of Woodhaven - December 2009.  The newsletter of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association.  

Woodhaven's Christmas Parade.  All week long, the weather had been looking pretty iffy for Saturday's scheduled Christmas Parade.  A lot of preparation had gone into it -- and a lot of practice.  And so, Friday Night -- at Woodhaven's annual tree lighting ceremony -- it was announced that everyone had decided to proceed with the parade, and hope that the rain would hold off until it was over.

Tree Lighting 2009.  Continuing a tradition that has spanned a few decades, Woodhaven gathered at Forest Parkway and Jamaica Avenue to witness the lighting of our town Christmas Tree and Menorah. 

Vintage Woodhaven.  A booklet from nearly 25 years ago produced for Woodhaven's 150th Anniversary, e-mailed to us by our friend Joe Virgona. 


November 2009

Woodhaven's Christmas Tree.  Getting our tree ready for Christmas 2009!

The 2009 WRBA Dinner DanceThe 2009 honorees were: 

Neir's Reopens.  A very special story is being written in Woodhaven this winter -- and it's remarkable what's been done here.  Neir's, one of the oldest taverns in New York, has reopened its doors after a beautiful makeover. 

Pictures from the 1960s.  We're in for a real treat over the next few updates, and we have The American Legion Post 118 of Woodhaven to thank for it.  These pictures come from their vault and they are, to put it simply -- spectacular. 

Pictures from the 60s Part 2.   More pictures from The American Legion Post 118's vault. 

Restoring Woodhaven's History.  John Bettner.  Douglas Campbell.  Francis Christ.  All the way to Patrick Wogan.  There were 32 names in all that adorned a bronze plaque affixed to the wall, at the corner of St. Thomas the Apostle.  These 32 young men had a couple of things in common.  First, they all gave their lives in defense of their country in World War 2.  And secondly, they were all from Woodhaven.

PW On the Air Interview: Mike Miller.  Assemblyman Mike Miller, who was recently sworn in, has been a regular caller to PW's weekly live talk show (Fridays at 10).  This past Friday, November 13th, Mr. Miller called in to see what's going on in Woodhaven. 

PW On the Air Interview: Sean Graves.  As we explained in a recent update, the Woodhaven Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps is in need of your assistance.  On our last live talk show, Sean Graves of the WRHVAC called in to tell us more

Changes on the Avenue.  This is a report we file every so often, a summary of the recent changes on Jamaica Avenue (see here and here for previous examples).  It's such a large avenue (as our recent report on the Shopping Guide from the 1980s showed) that it's a job and a half to keep track of the changes.

Woodhaven Kids Make A Movie - Kids from the Woodhaven Library make a movie.

94th Street Beer Distributor Closes.  This is a sad story, but one we were expecting for a while.  It appears that the Beer Distributor at 94th and Jamaica has gone out of business after serving Woodhaven for decades. 

Mike Miller Sworn In.  On Sunday, November 1st, Mike Miller was sworn in as New York State Assemblyman for District 38, of which Woodhaven is part of.  The ceremony was held at Intermediate School 77 on Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood.

Fall.  The hot, sticky days of Summer have been packed away -- and the icy months of Winter are still far on the horizon.  Sweater weather.


October 2009

Halloween Avenue.  A look at Jamaica Avenue on Halloween.

The Halloween House of 91st Street. This house is spectacular!  And they put on a great show every Halloween.  

Spooky Houses of Woodhaven.  It's that time of year again -- Halloween!  And Woodhaven has a lot of residents that get into the holiday spirit and deck their houses with skulls and bones and ghouls and goblins.  We took a little tour around town one night this week and captured a few of the better ones that we saw. 

The 2009 Wonderful Woodhaven Street Fair.

Shopper's Guide to 1980s WoodhavenShopper's Corner.  The Empire Restaurant.  Bella Bridal.  Taco Haven.  Nino's Pub.  Eljay Drugs.  The Plaster Palace.  Oh Brother Inn.  The Video Connection.  Mondello's.  Dick's Deli.  Chicken Delight.  Fifi's Cafe.  Martin Paints.  Sit down with any old resident of Woodhaven and the conversation generally turns into a game of "Do you remember . . .?" 

STA 2nd Graders Camp Out!

Mike Miller Pledges Security Help.  At a town hall, our new Assemblyman vows to help Woodhaven restart its' security patrols.

Ray Kelly Visits the WRBA - A surprise visit from NYPD's top cop.  He also visited the 102nd Precinct Community Council Meeting the same evening.

Woodhaven's 2009 Health Fair - A health fair held at the ambulance corps.

Flashback!  The 1981 Street Fair

St. Thomas the Apostle's Walk-A-Thon.  An annual march through Woodhaven by STA students.

Trash or Treasure.  The Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society hosts veteran appraiser Eddie Costello (Antique Road Show).  The presentation is called "Trash or Treasure" and it is just what the name implies - an opportunity to find out if that long, lingering piece in your basement is worth bucks, or worthless.

Woodhaven's Angel.  This is a wonderful story.  Jorge Munoz, of Woodhaven, has been named as one of the top 10 heroes by CNN for his wonderful work feeding the hungry.  He was born in Columbia, but came to the United States, became a citizen, and lives right here in Woodhaven.  He drives a school bus all day long and at night -- his second job begins. 

Inside the Piano Factory.  A feature on the piano factory on Atlantic Avenue (formerly the home of LaLance & Grosjean).

The Voice of Woodhaven - October 2009.  The newsletter of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association. 


September 2009

STA Class of `60 Reunion.  Coverage of the mini-reunion at Mike's Pub.

Blessing the Pets.  Coverage of a lovely ceremony for pets at Emmanuel Church of Christ.

The Mystery of The Southside Cemetery Sign - The Cemetery where Woodhaven's founders are buried.

Remembering 9/11.  On Spetember 22nd The Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation reconvened after taking the summer off -- and this time in new digs -- a schoolroom in St. Thomas the Apostle.  And we shared memories of 9/11.

Mrs. Project Woodhaven Named Queens Star of the Week!

Sept. 2009 WRBA Town Hall.  On Wednesday, September 16th Woodhaven held its' monthly Town Hall Meeting, sponsored by The Woodhaven Residents' Block Association.  Once again, we had a very healthy turnout, and a large number of guests.  

Miller Wins Race for Assembly. Coverage from the day Mike Miller won the special election. 

The Voice of Woodhaven - September 2009.  The newsletter of the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association.

Richmond Hill Park Fair.  Woodhaven residents' are familiar with the Street Fair, which is held every October (click here for details on this year's fair).  Richmond Hill has a similar, albeit smaller, event and this year's fair was held Saturday, September 12th.

100+ Year Old Map of Woodhaven.  If you're a fan of Woodhaven History -- or a fan of old maps -- you'll enjoy this entry.  This is a reproduction of a 1901 Map of Woodhaven, from the pages of a bicentennial edition of the Leader-Observer.

The Wyckoff Building - Symbol of the Future.  This article details the history and the then-current condition of the Wyckoff Building.  In 1979 the windows were sealed and it was sitting in disrepair.  In this project we also take a look at the Wyckoff Building today.

Woodhaven Village.  In February of 1979 the New York Daily News ran an article detailing the history of "Old Woodhaven Village".  It's an interesting look at this area, which is now considered part of Ozone Park, and its' part in the history of Woodhaven proper.  Click here to view the original Daily News Article.

Benny the Garbologist.  On the way home, driving along Park Lane South, we passed by a garage sale on 87th Street.  We've seen this garage sale in our travels many times before -- but had never stopped until today.

STA Church Doors Get Restained - A pic of the door.  Slow news day!

Woodhaven's Garbologist - A quick visit with a familiar face.

Old Woodhaven Village - A great article from the late 70s looking at "Woodhaven Village".  For this project, we went and got pics from 2009 to match against the 1970s pics.  The original article can be printed out here.  

Wyckoff Building - Then and Now - A nice look at this wonderful old building saved from ruin.

100 Year Old Map of Woodhaven - Priceless!  If you want to print it out, click here


August 2009

96th Street Reborn - A look at the progress of rebuilding 96th Street.

Construction of the EL - 1916 - Vintage Pics.

The Name is WoodHAVEN - An article about Woodhaven from 1982's NY Daily News.

Jason's New Gig - Another 99 cent store.

80th Street - Vintage Now and Then pictures.

Classic Car Show in Forest Park - Well over 100 great cars on display.

Country Comes to Woodhaven - Line dancing in Forest Park!

The War Against Graffiti - CM Eric Ulrich announces a program where you can get you graffiti cleaned for free.

Changes - Another edition of our ongoing updates of the changes on Jamaica Avenue.

Shakespeare at the Dome - A Midsummer Night's Dream in Forest Park.

Woodhaven Speaks Out - Highlights from August's Town Hall meeting where residents spoke out about the issues that bother them.

Woodhaven's Town Hall - More coverage of Augusts' Town Hall.

Chaos - It was a chaotic scene on Woodhaven Boulevard once the traffic lights went out.

Mapped! A great promotional map of Woodhaven from the early 80s -- you'll see a lotof familiar names here.

Manor Sports / Schwinn - A look back at tw old friends of Woodhaven.

Vintage Woodhaven Ads - Some great advertisements from Woodhaven's past.

Mary Lamont - Country singer gives a great performance at the bandshell.

Free Mammograms on Jamaica Avenue - Courtesy of Sen Joe Addabbo.

STA Brochure - The 2009 brochure for St. Thomas the Apostle.

2009 Street Fair Flyer - Advertisement for the 2009 Fair.

Vintage Pics - More vintage pics of Woodhaven.

Candidates for Assembly - The candidates for Assembly speak to Woodhaven.


July 2009

Bon Jovi Tribute Band in Forest Park - Pics and video of a concert at the bandshell.

Auction Fundraiser - The Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society holds an auction fundraiser in their last meeting before the summer recess.

4th of July Concert - With the Queens Festival Band.

Fireworks Over Woodhaven - This was a popular project -- we drove around Woodhaven and found some great fireworks.

The Steps of Forest Park - The 4th in a series, this time looking at the long staircase at Forest Parkway and Park Lane South.

The Voice Of Woodhaven - July's WRBA Newsletter.

International Music Festival - A day-long festival of music in Forest Park.

Touring the 102nd - A behind-the-scenes look at our local precinct.

Thank You - A special thanks to the retiring Officer Fisher of the 102.

Nocturnal Visitors - A reader submitted picture of racoons in Woodhaven.

What I Took With Me From Woodhaven - A reader submitted pic.

PW 30 Feet Underwater - A very cool pic.

Rummage Sale - A giant rummage sale at St. Thomas' Monsignor Mulz Hall.

News Coverage - Some great news coverage for Woodhaven and PW.

The Queens Festival Band - A feature on the long time band of Queens.

The Queens Symphony Orchestra - The QSO battled the weather, including some frightening thunder and lightning.

Wet - A look at Woodhaven after a huge rain storm, including some great pics at night. 


June 2009


Happy 8th Month to PW - A look back at our first 8 months.

The Early Days of Woodhaven on the Web - A look back at Woodhaven Online with some archived material.  Chilling pages of entries and real-time reactions on 09/11/2001.

Woodhaven's Beat Cop - An introduction of Officer Ioele, Woodhaven's new beat cop.

The Trees of Jamaica Avenue - How many trees are there on Jamaica Avenue?  Check out this report and find out.

Odds & Ends - Some fun and unusual pictures taken around Woodhaven.

Bikers Rally Against Breast Cancer - A biker rally at the bandshell in Forest Park.

Crowley Addresses Woodhaven Issues - Our Council representative Elizabeth Crowley speaks at June's Town Hall meeting.

Flag Day - A look at the very disappointing turnout on Flag Day.  Doesn't anyone fly their flag anymore?

Odds & Ends Part 2 - More fun and unusual pictures.

Murder-Suicide Rocks Woodhaven - a very sad day in Woodhaven as a husband killed his wife and then turned his weapon on himself.

Tragedy struck again on Jamaica Avenue on Wednesday June 17th when a man either fell, or jumped, onto the tracks of the Woodhaven Boulevard stop of the elevated train line.  He landed directly in the path of an onrushing train and was killed instantly.  Eyewitnesses reported a scene that was extremely gruesome -- far too gruesome to go into details.  

Noise - A look at one of the most frequently complained about issues in Woodhaven.

Woodhaven Residents Block Association - For political buzz, check out the WRBA's Town Halls!

Juke Box Heroes in Forest Park - A great show at the bandshell featuring Elvis, Neil Diamond, The Beatles, etc.  Great pics and video.

Red Skies Over Woodhaven - A beautiful mid-summer picture of the skies over Woodhaven.

Cops of the Month - A report from the 102nd Precinct Community Council Meeting.

Seuffert: Behind the Bandshell - A behind the scenes report looking at the insides of the Forest Park Bandshell. 

The Dove of Jamaica Avenue - A great picture!

Remembering Matthew - A heartwarming story of how the community turned out to remember a little boy whose life ended tragically young.

1941 Tour - 88th and 89th Streets.

PW Reader Meets Kevin Smith - A reader submitted picture. 

May 2009

The Return of Le Cordon Bleu - A look at the changing face of Woodhaven's catering hall.

Building Names in Woodhaven - A tour of the various apartment buildings in Woodhaven that have names.

Woodhaven's Turning Green - A look at the changing color of Woodhaven as the trees begin to bloom.

The Steps of Forest Park Volume 1 - The first part of our series, looking at the winding steps at 76th St and Park Lane South. 

The Steps of Forest Park - Volume 2 - The second part of our series, looking at the steps behind the park at 79th and Park Lane South. 

Forest Park Runners - A 4K race around Victory Field and through Forest Park.

Highlights of Woodhaven's Spring Dance - Highlights of the Spring Dance held by the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation at the newly re-opened Le Cordon Bleu.

Mayor Bloomberg Visits Woodhaven - We follow the Mayor around as he walks through Woodhaven's Spring Dance.

1941 Tour - For this project, we go back to 1941 and take a walk down Jamaica Avenue, between 87th and 88th Streets.  The depression was behind us - but the attack on Pearl Harbor was just months away, and soon after that we would be at war.  Let's start out on the corner of 87th Street, on the South side of Jamaica Avenue, and see what we can find.

The Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation - In this project we take a tour of the GWDC Offices with all of its' pictures and history.

Bobbi & The Strays - A feature looking at this wonderful organization which rescues animals.

Cop of the Month - The 102nd Precinct's Cop of the Month May 2009.

Memorial Day - Part 1 - Celebration at Forest Parkway and Jamaica Avenue.  Featuring Franklin K. Lance's ROTC Color Guard.

Memorial Day - Part 2 - Celebration on the American Legion Hall on 89th Avenue.  Featuring the AL's beautiful Garden of Remembrance.

Forest Park Summer Schedule - A schedule of events for the Summer of 2009.

Tragedy Avoided on Jamica Avenue - All the ingredients for disaster were here.  We were lucky. 

Rain - We cover a wet, rainy Woodhaven day with hail and thunder and lightning.

102nd Pct. Community Council Meeting - Comprehensive coverage of thi monthkly meeting where you get a chance to meet the men and women that protect us.

The Steps of Forest Park - Volume 3 - The third in an ongoing series, this time looking at the set of stairs that leads to a path through the woods.

Woodhaven Honors - The GWDC honors Maureen Birmingham at the Spring Dance.


April 2009

A Look At Victory Field - A tour ofVictory Field, a look at how nice the renovations came out.

Forest Park Carousel in Doubt - The sad tale of the Forest Park Carousel, which never opened in 2009.

Woodhaven Over Night - One of our more popular reports, a look at Woodhaven around 3 AM.

Police Seek Help in Hit and Run - A tragic incident - they never caught this bastard. 

Mister Softee Returns - That's how you know summer is coming - when Mister Softee returns!

Saturday in the Park - On the first day where the sun really came out, we took a walk aroundf Forest Park.

Police Seek Woodhaven Burglar - The police were looking for help in catching this guy.  He's still at large.

Celebrating Khalsa - In April, around the world, Sikhs celebrate Khalsa, which dates all the way back to April 1699.  

Project Woodhaven Reaches Top 5 in Film Festival - A very nice honor for PW. 

102nd Pct Crime Report for April - Pics and viceo from the 102nd Pct Community Council Meeting.

Some Jamaica Avenue Mysteries - A look at a few of the oddities on our Jamaica Avenue.

The Return of The Bella Vista - For a short period of time, the sign for the old Bella Vista Restaurant was visible, bringning back lots of memories.

Woodhaven Residents' Block Association April Meeting - Parking meters, U-Turns, stimulus spending, noise pollution and the painting of the Jamaica Avenue El was on the agenda.  And near the end of the meeting, a surprise announement about the future of Niers.

The WORKS Little League Day Parade - On Saturday, April 4th, the league's children, their parents, managers and coaches took part in a long tradition - the Annual Parade.  They marched down Jamaica Avenue, up Forest Parkway, and congregated at the bandshell.  We were there and took lots of video.  Bonus:  Parade footage from Rich Haven's 1959 parade in Woodhaven. 

Woodhaven Deals With 2 Tragedies - 2 horrific hit and run accidents claimed the lives of 2 people on Jamaica Avenue.  One man was apprehended.  The other is still at large.

The 102nd Precinct Cop of the Month for April - Sgt. Mike Gargan and Officer Ken Vencak were awarded April's Cop of the Month at the meeting of the 102nd Precinct Community Council for their part in thwarting a home robbery on Atlantic Avenue, just off 100th Street.

Woodhaven Needs You - A look at the issues facing Woodhaven and a call for assistance.

A Tour of 1941 Jamaica Avenue South - 87th and 88th Street - A building-by-building tour of 1941 Woodhaven, with now-and-then photos. 


March 2009

An Overview of Changes - In what would become a series, we take a look at the recent changes on Jamaica Avenue.

Remembering Jimmy Young - 15 years ago, New York City lost three of its' bravest.  Just after 7:30 PM on March 28, 1994 heavy smoke was reported at 62 Watts Street in Manhattan. Engine Company 24, Hook & Ladder No. 5, on the Avenue of the Americas, was dispatched and on the scene within minutes. They wasted no time and fearlessly entered the building to combat the fire.  It's a dangerous profession, and we are reminded just how dangerous it is all too often.  This tragedy hit closer to home as one of the brave souls that lost his life, Jimmy Young, was one of Woodhaven's own.

Woodhaven Resident Block Association Meeting - March 09 - A full report on the March 09 meeting of the WRBA.

The Avenue Diner Opens for Business - Late last year, one of Woodhaven's institutions -- The Forest View Restaurant -- served their last meal and closed their doors for good.  This year, The Avenue Diner stepped in to fill that spot and we were there to cover their Grand Opening.

WORKS Picture Day - A visit to the picture day for WORKS Little League.

Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society - The March meeting of the WCHS, featuring Author and Journalist Nancy Rubin Stuart, who gave an interesting presentation on the life of Maggie Fox, a 19th Century Spiritualist. 

1941 Tour - Jamaica Avenue North, between 90th and 91st Street.

Sex & Violence in Woodhaven - A priceless article from Woodhaven's past.

Woodhaven Thaws - Woodhaven recovers from an ice storm.

Woodhaven on Ice - Woodhaven gets an ice storm.


February 2009

The 96th Street Fire - An on-site report from the horrendous fire on 96th Street which destroyed a dozen homes. 

A Visit to Strack Memorial Pond - A visit to the Ponds in Forest Park. 

Building a Wiki - Of the many on-going projects we have going, it is the Woodhaven Wiki that is both the most challenging, and the most rewarding. And one of the bonuses of such an endeavor is that it affords people the opportunity to build something together.  The intent of the Woodhaven Wiki isn't just to write a history of Woodhaven, about the founders and the earliest days -- that's been done before, and done quite well. Instead, the hope is that we'll use the Wiki to build a history of Woodhaven as we remember it, and along the way add a little knowledge to the history books, as well.

Want To Buy a House for 5K?  An old mailer from Sackett's Real Estate! 

A Farewell to Jason's - After serving Woodhaven for nearly 70 years, Jason's closed its' doors the week of February 23rd.  For most Woodhavenites, Jason's has been around their entire lives.  Gifts purchased on layaway adorned many a Christmas Tree over the years, and a few hundred thousand birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations were celebrated with cards and candles purchased at Jason's.  In this report, we pay it a final visit before its' doors were shut.


January 2009

Back to The Haven - The Haven closed down in the late 1980's, but if you ask anyone who grew up in Woodhaven to name their favorite memories, it isn't long before The Haven comes up.  But did you ever wonder what The Haven was like in, say, 1941?   

Tour of 1941 Woodhaven - This tour covers the south side of Jamaica Avenue between 80th and 85th Streets.  

The Panorama at the Queens Museum of Art - Project Woodhaven took a ride over to the Queens Museum of Art with the sole purpose of visiting the Panorama of the City of New York.  It was built for the 1964 World's Fair and covers all five boroughs.  It covers nearly ten thousand square feet and represents nearly 900,000 individual structures.  But we were there to take pictures of Woodhaven . . . 

Pesky Snow Blankets Woodhaven - Pictures and video of a storm that hit back in January.

Manor Deli's Collectible Menu - This is pretty neat.  Manor has a new menu out, with old pictures and histry about your favorite neighborhood!



Woodhaven Street Fair 2008 - One of our first projects on Project Woodhaven, a report at the 2008 Street Fair.

Ridgewood Savings Bank Map - Here's something some of you may enjoy poring over -- it's an old subway map of NYC, courtesy of Ridgewood Savings Bank from the 1940's.

This is Woodhaven Calling - John Asaro was a ham radio operator (call sign W2BJM) who lived in Woodhaven, New York and recorded his own amateur radio show, a handful of which survive on vinyl discs, which we have carefully digitized.  Here we present some of those recordings - a voice from Woodhaven 1958! 

Ed Koch Visits Woodhaven - Back when he was running for a third term, Ed Koch stopped off to campaign in Woodhaven.  Here are some picturs from that day.

Richmond Hill HS Commence Booklet 1953 - Not exactly Woodhaven, but may be of interest to some of you.

Memories - Some film footage of Woodhaven from the 1960's.

Woodhaven Then and Now - The first in our ongoing series of tours of Woodhaven, in 1940 and 2008 -- this project covers Jamaica Avenue North, from Woodhaven Boulevard to 91st Street -- from Dunkin' Donuts to McDonald's and the North side of Jamaica Avenue, between 85th and 86th Streets.  Take a walk down Jamaica Avenue, 1940 . . .     

If you have any comments, or would like to suggest other projects, drop us a line at or .  

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